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Self-proclaimed lover of elves. Really into Dragon Age and eagerly anticipating DA: Inquisition. Also fancies Mass Effect, TWAU, TWDG, and Wildstar. Draws and occasionally writes.

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black-rose4 asked:

Annie stood in the doorway to her bedroom. One hand gripped the door frame, knuckles turning white, as she stared with the meanest look imaginable. Her hair was in complete disarray, free from the confines of its usual pony tail and stuck up in all sorts of directions. Grumpy was the lightest way to describe her mood

"This couldn’t wait five minutes?" she growled, "you couldn’t even let me get dressed? No this was apparently so important that you couldn’t wait. Oh no, no shooing me away now! Spit it out, tell me what it is you need. You woke me up from my sleep so now you have to sit here and look at me like this because you couldn’t wait for me to actually put some damned clothes on!"




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Whoa whoa whoa, Who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do?!

What’s wrong with SuperVeiny weeners?!




But yeah, Kudos for the sweet weeners.

That is a really well drawn badly drawn penis!

Send (☉_☉) and my muse will have to explain why they have no clothes on.


Disney’s The Rescuers Down Under

HIIRAGI’S ART NOTES: Studying the aspects of art ~ Shapes pt. 1







Here are a few notes on Shapes in Character design… More later… I mean ffs it’s 3 in the morning.

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rat companion, just be aware rat lifetimes are usually 1 to 3 years, five years TOPS and they get diseased and die very easily (I’ve own a few different rats of various health and lifespans)

mmm yeah. realistically i’m probably gimping myself a bit picking a rat for my animal companion, but i really wanted something with rats for this campaign ; w ;

good thing my character is a druid and can shapeshift into something massive like a freaken bear lmao

i’m still fumbling around trying to think up character details for Ull. but since she has such a strong connection to rats i think i’ll look to Dishonored for some inspiration.

all i know about her so far is that she is loves her rat companion a lot and would be crushed if it died and i think also that she’s really curious about other races. i’m still kind of liking the chaotic neutral alignment for her where she’ll only really help if it benefits her in some way. otherwise she just stays out of things.