*is a wreck*

*gives ppl lifestyle advice*


The Legend of Zelda : Feather Time.

Join this new epic adventure introducing chicken Link !

… Well I wanted to create an epic legend …. with birds ^p^” !


i keep reading fade tears not like tears in a veil but tears as in crying and my first thought is always

'why is the fade crying'

i’m RPing for the first time in months oh gosh this is strange i’m scared hold me. don’t screw up, me.


cries because Merrill cares so deeply for others, even those who constantly call her stupid, an abomination

she asks Fenris how he’s holding up after he finally meets his sister. She asks Anders if he’s okay after he truly begins losing control.

She giggles over how happy they are with Hawke.

She’s the only one who explicitly advocates sparing Anders after he throws the city into chaos.

After all they say to her, all the names and scowls, she just wants them to be okay.

But when she’s angry with them she tells them.


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Color palette meme  (#5) + Dragon Age Inquisition : Solas

I appreciate your cooperation!

i bet you anything annie is the fucking idiot that’s like HEY LOOK WANNA SEE ME CATCH A DAGGER IN MY MOUTH and then probably runs to solas for healing when she’s profusely bleeding from the mouth


Cole: Look into me eyes…

Nope, nope, NOPE

"Me? An assassin? Not quite; I’d much rather just get up close and personal than sneak around and wait, but I did learn some pretty nifty tricks."

DONE. working on this felt like an ORDEAL but it’s done and i don’t want to fuss with this any more less i accidentally ruin it. but yes here have my Inquisitor, Annie, just being a total dork. she’s not really an assassin just knows a few tricks of the trade. honestly this was more a practice in drawing a weird pose ahaha.

just in case tumblr sizes it down, have the full size here.